Tips And Tricks To Improve Babies Sleep

Newborns are notorious for sleeping all the time – but also, never! Everyone knows that new parents are not going to get a lot of sleep in the first few months. Some newborns take longer than 3 or 4 months to develop longer sleep cycles. Eventually, babies will mature and be able to sleep for longer periods of time each night, but until then, there are a few tips and tricks that new parents can use to help their babies and themselves sleep better.

  • Create A Routine – Calming routines are a great way to calm a fussy baby and help them fall asleep more easily. Your routine might include singing, listening to lullabies, a lavender bath or swaddling. Swaddling a baby can help babies sleep longer and more soundly. SewMine Design has amazing Minky blankets that can be used long after the swaddling stage as a mat for tummy-time or a stroller cover. Keep in mind, your routine should include a few things to help your baby sleep better:
    • Consistency – Do it the same way, over and over.
    • Overstimulating – Avoid music, sounds, lighting, or other elements that might overstimulate your baby and stop him from being able to relax
    • Comfort – Help your baby relax by being mindful of the room temperature, clothing, and blankets that your baby is wrapped in.
  • Keep Your Baby In Your Room – Your baby shouldn’t sleep in your bed, but having your baby in your room can help your baby sleep better and can also decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Keep your baby in a bassinet or co-sleeper that is designed for infants.
  • Don’t Wait Till Your Baby Is Too Tired – Babies that are overly tired are going to have a harder time settling down. Start laying your baby down when they are drowsy, but still awake. Your baby will begin to recognize bedtime routine and associate it with falling asleep.
  • Give You Baby Time To Settle – Your baby may not find comfort right away and might fuss while he is getting comfortable and settling down. Check in on your baby once in a while if he keeps fussing. Consider using a pacifier to help your baby soothe himself.
  • Align With Your Baby’s Preference – Your baby is likely not going to be on the same schedule as you. You might find that at 4am, your baby is wide awake and ready to interact – and really looking forward to it. That might mean that at 6am, when you are ready to wake up, your baby is ready to fall back asleep.

SewMine Design recognizes that the infant stage is a unique time for families. This is a great time to bond and create memories that will last forever. Personalized Minky blankets are a great addition to your memories and to your comfort and care routines. Keep your baby snuggled up warm and cozy in the most comfortable blankets you can find. SewMine Design is ready for your personalized order today.