Personalized Minky Blankets

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Personalized Minky Blankets are one of the best gifts on the market. Why? There’s many reasons.


  1. Everybody Needs Blankets For Babies – Everyone uses blankets for their babies and always want the softest ones they can find. Baby blankets aren’t going out-of-style anytime soon. Minky blankets just add to the experience of cuddling with a newborn or showing them off.

  2. Sentiment – Personalized items are an incredibly thoughtful gift that people want to hang on to forever. They create a feeling of love and being loved. People love giving them as gifts because they know that the receiver is going to notice the thought and effort that was put into the gift.

  3. Personalization Means Customization – SewMine Design’s blankets are customizable from the colors used to the font choices. We have a variety of both to choose from so that you can go the extra mile and make your gift uniquely special. You can also match the occasion!

  4. Long-Lasting Comfort – Unlike other blankets, Minky Blankets are made of 100% polyester, making them the most long-lasting plushy blanket available. They retain the soft, plushy feeling much longer than other materials. Your personalized minky blanket is a gift that will get used over and over again.

  5. Non-Toxic – Our minky blankets use only water-based, non-toxic ink, making them safe to use. Infants and toddlers love the blankets and are completely safe using them.

  6. Low-Maintenance – You might think that a minky blanket takes a great deal of care to maintain the same feel as it had when it was first bought, but this isn’t the case. The material is easy to wash and can keep the same feeling for a long time without an extensive amount of care. Simply wash the blanket on cold and tumble or air dry with no heat.

  7. Thick And Warm – One of the great things about Minky Blankets is that you don’t need to add more blankets to keep warm. These blankets are warm and comfortable. In colder weather, they are fantastic at generating warmth all on their own.

  8. Elegant And Classy – The fabric is high-quality so it feels great and is long-lasting – but it also looks extremely elegant and classy. Our blankets are professionally sewn and look luxurious. The high quality of the fabric is the matched in the quality we put into the design and customization of each blanket.

  9. Great For Tactile Sensitivity – For people who are sensitive to feel, minky blankets are an amazing gift. Not only will they love the personalized detail, but the material can often calm those with tactile sensitivity.


Personalized Minky Blankets are a great gift for any occasion and “just because”. SewMine Design creates one-of-a-kind pieces that anyone will love and we always strive to go above and beyond for our customers. Our blankets are great for tummy-time and make awesome stroller covers, photo props, play mats and more!