New Blankets For The New Year

As the new year starts and we are all thinking about a fresh start, we often start cleaning up the house, throwing out old items, replacing broken items and making our home feel comfortable, fresh, and clean.

Blankets are not an exception. Whether kids are outgrowing the size or style of their current blankets and bedding or you are looking for new and comfortable blankets to have around the house for spare use or to have on hand for visitors, new blankets are always a nice addition and loved by the entire family.

Caring For Minky Blankets

While you are trying to decide what type of blankets and bedding sets to buy, consider the quality of Minky blankets that maintain softness and comfort for years. These blankets are very low maintenance to maintain and will keep warmth and coziness for a long time. That means that replacing blankets won’t be necessary as often and you can money for other items on your list.

For babies and toddlers, it’s important to remember how germs set into blankets and bedding. Babies and toddlers always have their hands in their mouths. Because babies come in contact with their favorite blankets and their crib bedding several times a day, the blankets are likely to contain body oils, residue and bacteria that could become harmful or cause illness.

Babies and toddlers often grab their favorite blankets and fall asleep with them after playing outside or after a day out in a public facility. Blankets often travel with them in the car, outside, to daycare and to other places that contain germs and pollutants that could cause illness.

Babies and toddlers often get more use out of their blankets too. Blankets might be used to cover car seats and strollers, laid on the floor as play mats, and even used for backdrops for milestone photos. Whatever they might be used for, one thing is for sure, baby and toddler blankets are going to get dirty.

It’s important to wash and change bedding a few times a week and sometimes it might be necessary to wash them more often.

Minky blankets can handle the washes while still maintaining the comfort and plush feeling for a long time to come. This makes parents and kids major fans of the minky blankets.

Every year, as children grow and families expand, parents notice that they are trying to find more blankets that fit their growing children and maintain a level of comfort and softness that they had when they were brand new. Blankets are a familiar, comfortable item that people genuinely attach to and minky blankets provide the comfort and warmth that little ones love. If you are thinking about adding some new blankets to your home this year, consider the ideal blanket from SewMine Design’s line of products. Minky blankets are treasured gifts that babies and toddlers love to snuggle into and fall asleep with – making them one of the best items you can have in your home.