Keeping Your Minky Blanket Fluffy and Soft

New Blankets For The New Year

As the new year starts and we are all thinking about a fresh start, we often start cleaning up the house, throwing out old items, replacing broken items and making our home feel comfortable, fresh, and clean. Blankets are not an exception. Whether kids are outgrowing the size or style of their current blankets and […]

5 Tips To Create The BEST Baby Announcements

Congratulations! A new baby comes with so many exciting new adventures and your list of adorable wish list items is going to expand beyond measure. One thing that new mommies are always looking forward to is the abundance of photo ops that are in the future…and the baby announcement is going to kick them off! […]

Tips And Tricks To Improve Babies Sleep

Swaddled Baby in personalized blanket from SewMine

Benefits Of Swaddling A Newborn

Even if babies resist swaddling in the beginning, it is pretty uncommon for them to continue to fight it. Most babies will quickly learn to love the comfort and security that comes from swaddling. Swaddling a baby recreates the snug, warm environment in the womb that babies are familiar with. SewMine Design’s personalized newborn swaddles […]

Personalized newborn gift set from SewMine

Baby Gift Guide For The Holiday Season

Do you have a new baby to shop for this holiday season? Baby’s first holidays are a momentous occasion for the whole family and this is a great time to honor old traditions or create new ones. Many families have a grandma who gifts a handmade blanket to a newborn for the holidays or loves […]

Personalized Minky Blankets

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Personalized Minky Blankets are one of the best gifts on the market. Why? There’s many reasons.   Everybody Needs Blankets For Babies – Everyone uses blankets for their babies and always want the softest ones they can find. Baby blankets aren’t going out-of-style anytime soon. Minky blankets […]

Minky Blankets

You’ve heard of Minky Blankets, but aren’t quite sure what they are or what all the hype is about. That’s okay! SewMine Design is your go-to for information about Minky and what makes the blankets so amazing. What Makes Minky Blankets So Amazing? Minky blankets are awesome because they are made out of 100% polyester […]