Baby Gift Guide For The Holiday Season

Do you have a new baby to shop for this holiday season? Baby’s first holidays are a momentous occasion for the whole family and this is a great time to honor old traditions or create new ones. Many families have a grandma who gifts a handmade blanket to a newborn for the holidays or loves presenting sentimental gifts like personalized blankets or swaddles. There are many options for family and friends to choose from that will leave a lasting impression whether it is a sentimental keepsake or a thoughtful item that will get a lot of use.

5 Baby Gifts Ideas That Leave A Lasting Impression

  1. Personalized Gifts – Personalized items are always a great holiday baby gift. For newborns, SewMine Design’s plush minky blankets and soft swaddles are the best gift to welcome a newborn into the colder season. Babies love the stretchy, smooth fabric of the swaddle blankets and nothing is softer than the 100% polyester minky blankets. Both can be personalized with non-toxic ink that is safe for newborns. Family and friends love personalizing items for infants and SewMine has a variety to choose from.

  2. Gifts Made With Love – Homemade gifts are always a sentimental keepsake that are treasured by families. Handmade blankets, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, and keepsake boxes are all great holiday gifts. Handmade Christmas stockings, teddy bears and knitted clothes are some other holiday items that will remain treasured for a long time to come.

  3. Gifts That Can Be Passed On – Some families have keepsakes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The holidays are the perfect time to keep the tradition going and pass along a family heirloom. If you don’t have a family heirloom – pass along a personal item that can start the tradition with the new baby.

  4. Gifts That Keep On Giving – Useful baby gifts that provide comfort and convenience are relished by parents of newborns. Newborn clothes, baby bath and hygiene supplies, fridababy products, swaddles, and Baby Shusher sleep soother are all gifts that are valuable to both baby and parents. The internet is packed with items that many parents don’t even know exist – and a lot of them are a dream come true.

  5. Gifts That Stand Out – If you want to do something different for the new baby in your family this holiday season, try personalized books that the baby will love more and more as they grow and learn how to read. High Quality photo albums can be created through photo services locally or online and are a very sentimental gift – especially if the photos capture special moments in the baby’s new life.

Thoughtful, comfortable, useful, and sentimental – those are the characteristics of the baby gifts that will make this holiday a memorable one for you and bring joy to a newborn’s home. If warmth and comfort are what you are looking for – make this season personal with the personalized items designed by SewMine Designs. Every baby loves a minky blanket – and everyone else does too!