5 Tips To Create The BEST Baby Announcements

Congratulations! A new baby comes with so many exciting new adventures and your list of adorable wish list items is going to expand beyond measure. One thing that new mommies are always looking forward to is the abundance of photo ops that are in the future…and the baby announcement is going to kick them off!


A baby announcement or birth announcement is a notice traditionally sent to friends and family after the birth of a baby. The purpose is to let everyone know that the baby has arrived.  


Baby announcements often include the details of a child’s birth and other relevant information. For your baby announcement, you might choose to include:


  • Name of the baby
  • Birthdate and time of birth
  • Birth weight and height
  • Location of the birth
  • Parents/Siblings names
  • An expression of gratitude
  • Photos of the baby


Pregnancy Announcement vs. Baby Announcement


You’ll probably have already had a fun photo shoot for the pregnancy announcement – but the baby announcement has a different purpose, and it gives you a chance to show off your precious newborn. But one thing new parents often find is that they want their baby’s announcement to stand out among the rest. Since friends and family members are often having new babies of their own around the same time period, you might want yours to stand apart and play a special role for you.


To make this happen, all you have to do is personalize it. Follow these few tips and you will create a baby announcement that will stand apart from the crowd and become a treasured keepsake for you and your loved ones. Don’t think that you must follow any particular style, pose, or trend for your baby announcement. You are sending these announcements to people who know you and love you. So put a personal touch on them.


  1. Theme – Focus the theme of the announcement around how mom and dad met! Did you meet in college? Choose a theme to represent your college. Did you meet because of your career? Focus the theme on your job. This will make the baby announcement significant and unique – something that even your baby will want to hold on to when he grows up.
  2. Color – You do NOT have to follow the traditional color schemes – get a little more creative than the typical light blues and light pinks. Stick with your personalized theme and run with that!
  3. Clothes – The theme doesn’t have to stop with the colors or decorations. You can get customized newborn gowns, newborn shirt and pant sets, swaddles and even customized minky blankets that are personalized with your baby’s name and the colors and fonts can be customized to match your theme. Check out SewMine Design’s personalized products that are PERFECT for sentimental moments.
  • Personalized minky blankets are custom printed with baby-friendly, non-toxic, water based inks so that your baby is always wrapped and swaddled safely.
  • Personalized items like newborn gowns, shirt and pant sets, and other accessories are machine washable and professionally sewn.
  • Custom printed minky blankets make the perfect background or prop for baby announcements and are made from the softest material – which guarantees your baby’s comfort during a photo shoot.
  1. Decorations – Think outside the box. Use some props like a letterman’s jacket or college diploma if you met in college. If your first date was at a local coffee shop, put together a display with the shops menu and some coffee beans around the baby – or use a customized sienna or taupe minky blanket to lay your baby on and tie together the theme.


However you decide to announce the birth of your brand new baby, it is going to be a treasured keepsake. If you want to stand out from the crowd and keep your baby comfortable at the same time, check out SewMine Design’s custom and personalized products that will become a treasured keepsake along with the photos.